All-Inclusive Hotels in Rimini

The Heart of the Riviera Romagnola

Rimini is the central hub and the symbol of everything that the Riviera Romagnola has to offer tourists. For Italians, the name Rimini evokes images of sun-drenched beaches, endless rows of beach umbrellas, state-of-the-art equipment, unbridled fun on the beach and at the local water and theme parks, and traditional cuisine capable of satisfying any palate. Not to mention the seemingly limitless shopping possibilities at the shops on the waterfront streets, the lively bars and clubs, and the hundreds of cycling tourism possibilities afforded by the beautiful itineraries in the hilly hinterland, which is dotted with splendid medieval villages and castles.

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A stroll through the historic town centre

One lesser known yet must-see attraction is the historic centre of Rimini itself, which retains several majestic remnants of its Roman origins, such as the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge, and the Surgeon’s House. The old Borgo San Giuliano neighbourhood, on the other hand, is a romantic little corner of town, boasting secluded alleyways, flowery courtyards, and murals depicting works by the great Rimini-born director, Federico Fellini.

Warm and thoughtful hospitality of the highest quality

The all-inclusive hotels in Rimini are the faithful representatives of the wealth of attractions that this area has to offer. Their warm and thoughtful hospitality and accommodation packages are designed to meet the needs of various types of guests, including families with children, couples, sports enthusiasts, and those who prefer to stay active on holidays. In particular, cyclists are offered personalised services, with cycling tourism guides and personalised food services, while a wide range of excursions and shopping possibilities at the Riviera’s outlets are available for their companions.

Gourmet hotels

Another highlight of the all-inclusive hotels is their cuisine, which skilfully combines world-famous flavours from both the land and sea, ranging from homemade pasta, such as lasagna and tagliatelle, to fresh seafood from the Adriatic Sea, including sole, cuttlefish, calamari, white bream, sardines, and much more. All that’s left for the guest to do… is choose.

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Hotel Veliero
Hotel Veliero ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: From 29/03/2024 to 14/09/2024

171 reviews

Starting at € 55
Hotel Nobel
Hotel Nobel ***

City: Torre Pedrera (RN)

Open: from 29/05/ to 08/09

76 reviews

Starting at € 65
Hotel Spiaggia Marconi
Hotel Spiaggia Marconi ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: from 15/04 to 30/09

259 reviews

Starting at € 59
Hotel Aragosta
Hotel Aragosta ***s

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: From 27/12/23 to 08/01/24; from mid-May to mid-September 2024

109 reviews

Starting at € 75
Hotel Cristallo
Hotel Cristallo ****

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: from 17/04 to 30/10

753 reviews

Starting at € 70
Hotel Cosmos
Hotel Cosmos ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: from 04/04 to 20/09

247 reviews

Starting at € 57
Hotel Amicizia
Hotel Amicizia ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: From 16/11/23 to 31/12/24; from 01/06/24 to 22/09/24

226 reviews

Starting at € 59
Hotel Orchidea Blu
Hotel Orchidea Blu ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: from 15/04 to 30/09

67 reviews

Starting at € 48
Hotel Lotus
Hotel Lotus ***

City: Rimini (Rimini)

Open: From 01/06/24 to 08/09/24

713 reviews

Starting at € 52
Hotel Zeus
Hotel Zeus ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: from 15/04 to 30/09

129 reviews

Wellness CentreBeachPetsEntertainmentWi-Fi
Starting at € 48
Hotel Esplanade
Hotel Esplanade ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: from 01/06 to 14/09

226 reviews

Starting at € 60
Hotel Carlton Beach
Hotel Carlton Beach ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: Easter, long weekends, and dates from 27/05 to 11/09

138 reviews

Starting at € 50
Hotel Aqua
Hotel Aqua ****

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: all the year

2635 reviews

Starting at € 82
Hotel Villa Marina
Hotel Villa Marina ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: from 20/01/24 to 24/01/24

483 reviews

Starting at € 50
Hotel Astor
Hotel Astor ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: from 01/05 to 30/09

95 reviews

Starting at € 55
Park Hotel Serena
Park Hotel Serena ***

City: Viserbella (RN)

Open: From Easter to September 2024

464 reviews

Starting at € 69
Hotel Bagli
Hotel Bagli ***

City: Rimini (RN)

Open: Easter and dates from 15/05 to 30/09

152 reviews

Starting at € 55